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ITC HOLDING - is an expert in the field of automation and process control and in the field of measuring and control technology, deals with the development and production of electronic components and programming.

The company ITC HOLDING s.r.o. was founded in 2000 and has been active in the field of information and communication technologies since its inception. Its main activity is the development and application of technical and software solutions for process control. He has been actively involved in projects in this area for more than 10 years. It is a supplier of services and solutions for a number of development projects of partner companies and universities. Our experts are also involved in international research projects.

The company actively collaborates on research and development in the field of top motorsport, from the Jetsurf carbon surfboard to the development of applications for racing motorcycles. In this area, he is mainly involved in the development of electronic components and the development of control software. We also provide our own research and development capacities to other companies, especially in the area of control software development, development of hardware solutions, data recording and data evaluation.

Realized projects

An overview of the most important research and development projects of the company ITC HOLDING s.r.o.


project ID: OE09020
title: Development of a carbon surfboard for sports and recreational use with a separate ecological drive
project duration: 2009-2012

Projekt VEMS

project ID: LF12013
title: Development of a turbogenerator for the production of electricity from the exhaust gases of internal combustion engines
project duration: 2012-2015

Projekt GreenTechEngine

project ID: LF14008
title: Research and development of an ecological engine with layered filling and injection for motor vessels
project duration: 2014-2017

Projekt WANKEL

project ID: LTE117008
title: Research and development of ecological rotary WANKEL engine for motor vessels
project duration: 2017-2020

Projekt MiXbike

project ID: LTE118005
title: Research and development of an electric multi-purpose motorcycle (MSR Electric Xbike)
project duration: 2018-2021

Projekt BMW

project ID: BMW 001
title: Optimization of control electronics for the BMW S1000RR racing motorcycle
project duration: 2017-2018

ITC holding projekt Jetsurf project JETSURF carbon surfboard with combustion propulsion
ITC holding projekt Jetsurf project JETSURF combustion propulsion for carbon surfboard
ITC holding projekt Jetsurf project JETSURF carbon surfboard with electric propulsion
ITC holding projekt VEMS project VEMS Load setting and measurement of electrical quantities of the turbogenerator
ITC holding projekt VEMS project VEMS Installation and testing of a turbogenerator in the Škoda Fabia vehicle
ITC holding projekt GreenTechEngine project GreenTechEngine Electrical connection of indirect injection engine for Jetsurf
ITC holding projekt MiXbike project MiXbike Design of the MiXbike electric motorcycle
ITC holding projekt WANKEL project WANKEL Testing of the WANKEL engine control unit for Jetsurf
ITC holding projekt BMW project BMW Optimization of control electronics for the BMW S1000RR racing motorcycle

R&D support

Support for applied industrial research and development in the Czech Republic

Due to practical experience with international research and development support programs, the company ITC HOLDING s.r.o. provides professional consultancy in the field of financing for research and development projects. The aim is to support international cooperation in the field of applied industrial research and development and thus create conditions for the growth of efficiency and competitiveness of industry in the Czech Republic.

What kind of projects

What kind of projects are supported

The support concerns research and development projects that are exclusively civilian in nature and focus on the private and public sectors. The result of the support of these projects must be new and innovative top products, modern technologies or progressive services that are able to establish themselves on the world market.

Who can benefit

Who can benefit from the support

The aid is intended for all entities carrying out research and development as one of their main activities. In terms of the type of organization is not limited and it is mainly the following entities:

  • large industrial enterprises
  • small and medium enterprises
  • research institutes
  • colleges and universities


Focus of supported projects

The thematic focus is not limited in principle and results from the priority directions of development of industrial branches. In general, projects are directed to the following areas:

  • Information Technology
  • New materials
  • Environment
  • Biotechnology and technology in healthcare
  • Robotics and production automation
  • Communication technology
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Lasers


Criteria for providing support for research and development projects

  • Cooperation of industrial companies, research organizations or universities from at least two countries
  • Significant progress must be made in applying the results of the solution (higher level of innovation, utility value of the developed product, technological process or service)
  • Perspective of financial profit from the implementation of the project solution
  • The solution and commercial use must be for the civilian sector only
  • Researchers must have technical, managerial, financial skills and competencies to solve the project

Sports support

Since its establishment, ITC HOLDING s.r.o. actively supports racing teams from the field of top motorsport.

Racing team
IV Racing


participant in the World Championship of endurance racing of road motorcycles Endurance World Cup (EWC)

Racing team
JETSURF Factory Team


a participant in the Motosurf World Cup (MSWC)

jetsurf factory team

Racing team
Promoto Husqvarna


participant in the International Championship of the Czech Republic in enduro motorcycles (MMČR v enduru)

husqvarna-promoto team

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